Friday night's Markdale Street Frolic was another great success. This was the 73rd year for the event, which has only been rained out once in all that time. I remember as a young teen haying for all the area farmers, that of all of the days in summer, the day of the Street Frolic was the only one when you could positively guarantee, there would be NO RAIN!

Mainstream media sources seemed to line up this past week, indicating that the Markdale ice cream producer is going to open its brand new plant and hire more employees than ever in the past. I remember working with a good friend on the company's first TV commercial almost ten years ago. It was an ambitious animation project and in my humble opinion, the finished result stands up even today.

The community newspaper where I was employed in 2000 kindly promoted the fact I participated in producing the ad. Even in this age of You Tube, the commercial may never be seen again, except on the portfolio reels of we who worked on it.