Watch WOLF DOG: "A DOG IN 'NAM", (The "MOCK" trailer) on YouTube!!

When its profoundly clear something that SHOULD happen is never GOING to happen, we have something we call "satire" to give us a measure of satisfaction.

Permit me once more to indulge in my love for the 1958 film, WOLF DOG, starring the late Jim Davis and Allison Hayes. It was filmed in my hometown of Markdale, Ontario and it has taken more than a pedestrian place in my life. I have had others suggest to me writing a sequel. I have tried this route, but no buyers. Then, they say, write a brief sequel...even a trailer. I have tried this route, also, Still no bites.

A new dilemma was created every time I tried something. Or should I call rename dilemma as "opportunity"? How does one "birth" their idea out into the public eye and keep it all under budget? Try, try again! Which brings me to the "mock" trailer, WOLF DOG: "A Dog In 'Nam." Created from the seat of my trousers, with less than adequate clips at hand, with little more than a vague inkling that it could even be done, I present it here to YOU, today!

People can say, it stinks, its garbage and its horrible...but NOBODY can say, "Jeff...You didn't try."