I couldn't believe it! I had heard about this episode of "The Forest Rangers", but don't at all recall seeing it before! As probably the biggest fan of "Wolf Dog", watching Tony Brown as an 11 year-old, I knew he had to have grown into an adult. He must be in his mid-60s by now. Who knows where Tony is and what he looks like today?
     The episode is titled "Lennie" and deals with a 17-year-old boy - reform school refugee - who has escaped authorities in a train derailment near mythic Indian River. He ends up in a diner, where Chub works part-time. Chub tries to befriend him, but Lennie brandishes a gun and holds him hostage. The rest of the kids look for Chub, but he keeps Lennie's secret and tries to keep them away.
     To tell much more will reveal the plot, so that must end here. The real interesting part in the story is the actor who plays Lennie. The tall, wiry, handsome young 17-year-old actor named Anthony Brown, son of veteran CBC actor, Syd Brown.
     I have been watching some YouTube interviews with old actors reminiscing about the American showbiz scene, which by the late 1950s and early 1960s was a very small and intimate community of people, The Canadian showbiz community must have been even smaller and more intimate. In the 1950s/1960s, there were a very few Canadian programs syndicated on U.S. TV, like "Last Of The Mohicans", "Cannonball", "R.C.M.P", "Mohawk", "Hudson Bay", "Adventures Of Tugboat Annie", "The Littlest Hobo", "Forest Rangers", "Seaway", "Wojeck" and "Quentin Durgens, M.P." Many of the same actors appeared on all of the above shows.
     As time goes on, many of these actors are living in Hollywood, retired here in Canada, or passed away. I can only think that it is such a shame I cannot connect with Tony Brown. He just seems to have disappeared into the mist. I look at "Lennie" and marvel at what a talent this young actor was developing into. Where did he go? What field did he end up in? We may never know and maybe that's how Tony wants it, or NEEDS it. I totally respect his wishes.
     Thanks for these memories Tony, wherever you are!