"I watched him work with some kids a few times when he needed them to cry, and he was very good in talking to them and getting out of them what he wanted. He would just have a conversation with them until he got them right in the right mood and then he’d wave his hand, say “Let’s roll” and the kid’d be there crying throughout the dialogue. And I thought, “That’s pretty darn good.”"
~Sigmund Neufeld Jr. on uncle, Sam Newfield

This comment from Sig Jr. helped me see how Sam probably got Anthony Brown into a certain state of mind for this scene in WOLF DOG. Tony looked like he had lost his best friend. In a private conversation, Sam probably drew out some trauma Tony had suffered, then rolled the camera. I recall Alex Dunseith Jr. mentioning this ability by Sam and Sig. as well, for scenes he was an extra in for"Last Of The Mohicans" and/or Tugboat Annie". ~JW