As a young teenager, I grew to appreciate the intelligent, well-written and brilliantly performed theatrical style of Second City improvisation, which eventually let to an obsession for SCTV. Eugene Levy was a particular favorite, from his performances on Saturday night CBC satire shows "Stay Tuned" and "Overtime".
     I was working on an auto parts assembly line in the mid-2000s, when I was taken by the notion of researching the Made-in-Markdale Hollywood B-movie, "Wolf Dog". I began to discover the very close connection between the movie and the iconic 1950s TV show, "Last Of The Mohicans".
     With all this as background, in recent years, I watch the SCTV sketches of Eugene Levy playing Chingatchgook with renewed interest. The detail and accuracy of the writer's recall is greatly appreciated and the reason such sketches remain timeless classics with faithful and devoted SCTV fans such as myself.
     As for Levy, he has developed from his "How Are ya?" days as the "comic in all seriousness" Bobby Bittman, into a respected and popular actor/director in Hollywood. Besides his SCTV work, Levy has been immortalized in his roles in all of the Christopher Guest "mockumentaries", as well as "American Pie".
     I have included a video link to a the SCTV "Last Of The Mohicans" satires below. Enjoy!
SCTV - Last Of The Mohicans